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At Patten Chiropractic Center, P.A., located in Litchfield Minnesota, our mission is simple:

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To give you, your family, and your children the best attention to your health care problem, the most simple and cost effective way to getting you well using the latest chiropractic methods, teaching the importance of diet and nutrition, so we can avoid the costly alternative of drugs and surgery.


Dr. Chris Patten and Dr. Mike Patten strive to give you the best chiropractic care and experience you and your family deserve.  Our philosophy is simple, a chiropractic oriented office with emphasis on nutrition.

Chiropractic as a name means, “performed by hand,” which means much more since we adjust the spine with our hands.

Chiropractic is not machines, it’s not a massage from a therapist, it’s not electrical stimulation or physical therapy, it’s not nutrition, it’s not exercise, it’s not diet.  Chiropractic IS a science, philosophy, and an art.  That utilizes your bodies own ability to heal.

The Nerve system controls and monitors all functions of the body.  Without it you are either dead, or paralyzed.Spine

The main reason why you or another person will come into our office is because of pain, or an injury.  That pain is your nerve system relaying pain messages to your brain telling you where you hurt.  This is good right!

A lot of this pains is from the spine moving out of proper alignment called a subluxation, which creates pressure on the nerves and develops pain.

This same pain is affecting the nerves that go out to all cells of your body that is innervated from that same nerve, which ultimately disrupts function.

This is a big reason why these symptoms can clear up from adjusting the spine:

Headaches or Migraines

Sinus problems or allergies



Constipation or Diahrea

Sleeping problems

Low energy


Children with Colic

Ear Infections


The list doesn’t stop here which is another reason why we love our job.  As a chiropractor, we can adjust a person and watch their health improve from a simple adjustment.  Remember this though, we don’t treat any symptom listed above.  Not one of them.  Our job is to find the interference or the CAUSE of why a person has the symptom in the first place.  Big Point.

By finding the interference, adjusting the cause, the body does the healing.

We Love what we do everyday!

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