Welcome to our weight loss center information.  We hope you can use some of this information to be inspired to make a change in your own life especially if you are searching for weight loss answers.  Read below as many things have changed in our weight loss world at Patten Chiropractic Center.

First, weight loss is a journey and we must understand some basic human physiology about how we GAIN weight, and especially how can LOSE weight.  The gain part is easy to do but also creates a huge need in this world as over 50% of the adult population is considered overweight or obese.

Roughly 2 years ago we implemented the most popular weight loss program in the United States and saw great results.  We have one patient who lost over 150 lbs. on that program alone, and many patients who lost 50-75 lbs on a regular basis.  People were coming off medications and getting their lives back.  It was awesome.

But without getting into to many details, this program along with many other programs on the market today, we ran into a few problems that we didn’t like.

First, it was a boxed food program that included ingredients that are not good for you or your family.  Ingredients like soy and sucralose are prevalent in these boxed food programs and they are not only terrible for your health, they ultimately effect weight loss results, and they effect hormones in a negative way.

For you hormone crazy people out there, remember this.  Hormones are secondary.  Hormones respond to your environment and specifically respond to the IMMUNE SYSTEM.  Hormones are messengers and are only abnormal if your body is making them that way.  Treatment must include the gut, digestion, and immune system.  We will cover more of this as we go.

Second, a huge learning curve we found with any diet program is accountability, coaching, but also maintenance and follow-up.  Let’s be cocky here for a second and say this:  anyone can lose 25 lbs., but not everyone can keep it off.

We found with our boxed food program and other programs that our patients have followed is this.  Once you lower daily calories, this can help lose weight in the short term.  But after a while a person’s metabolism starts to slow down with that smaller calorie load.  As soon as a person stops the diet and their calorie load increases again, weight gain is very common.  This has been made possible because metabolism has shrunk that made the gain happen super fast.  What makes this super frustrating is that the same person might come back and try the diet again and guess what kind of results they get – Very little and the weight loss struggle begins once again, making it even harder to lose weight.


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At Patten Chiropractic Center both Dr. Chris and Dr. Mike have done extensive training and earning post-graduate degrees in nutritional work.  For the last 10 years they have been using nutrition in their office to enhance the chiropractic care they give to each patient.

Testing has been a huge improvement with their results as they aren’t GUESSING.  Anyone can hand out a supplement to a patient but knowing WHY or if it’s even needed is the key to getting very specific with their care.

They have often utilized a 24 Hour Urinalysis (UA) to specifically look at digestion and how a person is digesting their food, specifically proteins and fats.  And when we are talking about weight loss, a patient must be able to burn fat and digest it to get the best possible results.

Remember when we mentioned earlier the word hormones?  Proper digestion of proteins is what makes hormones tick, and the inability to digest, absorb, utilize, and eliminate proteins – is a major causal factor to many health problems we see today, including weight loss resistance, allergies, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes.


Instead of eating boxed food, bars, or even shakes, we want you to eat REAL Food – Protein, Vegetables, and Fruit.  This is crucial for you to understand how to eat good food, under our guidance, for you to keep the weight off once you hit the maintenance phase.

This diet will change your life and change the way you look or even think about food.  We will utilize 3 Major points of weight loss into our Patten Protocol:

  1. Whole foods only.  Protein. Vegetables. Fruit.  Nothing else.
  2. 24 Hour Urinalysis.  The importance of digestion is obvious, this gives us an internal audit of your gut and current state of health related to your symptoms. 
  3. The ChiroThin system.  The supplement is an all-natural liquid full of amino acids, minerals, and salts to support your pituitary, thyroid, and adrenal glands to maximize a higher metabolism and to push proper fat loss around the mid-section of your body.  We target the stubborn fat nobody can get to!


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What to Expect From Patten Chiropractic Center:


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  1. Doctor assisted coaching throughout the program – weekly.  One-on-one coaching maximizes results and your success.
  2. Up to 8 visits after the program for continued accountability for keeping the weight off.
  3. Structured eating plan that uses REAL food, Proteins, Vegetables, and Fruit.
  4. Bio-Impedance analysis that computes BMI, Fat percentage, water weight, and Muscle mass. (This is cool:)
  5. Internal Audit of you – Utilizing Urine testing customizing the program for you, supercharging results.
  6. Boosting the metabolism that has been pounded down for years, maximizing results and boosting energy.
  7. Finally, a results driven program that guarantee’s weight loss in 6 weeks, changing your eating style, and getting your life back! Now is the time:)


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