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Welcome to our Patten Chiropractic Center health blog.  This blog is going to be awesome in so many ways.  This blog will hopefully give you the insight you need to cut through all the junk on the internet, when it comes to you and your families health care.

dr chris patten dr mike pattenDr. Chris Patten and Dr. Mike Patten are brothers who have taken over their fathers chiropractic clinic in Litchfield, and have been practicing chiropractic for the last 8 and 7 years respectively.  Chiropractic has been in their blood since the day they were born, and have taken that same passion and applied it to their own families and kids since they were only 1 day old.




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Services at Litchfield Patten Chiropractic Center


The rest of this post will describe what we do at Patten Chiropractic Center, and our approach with each patient we encounter.  First, we are a chiropractic office and we do spinal adjusting every single day.  Second, we also take good histories with each patient to see if they need added nutritional work.  Lastly based on wants and needs we see with our patients, we can implement a weight loss program.  Let’s dive into each area.


litchfield mn spine

In our office we take new patients every single day, and at all times of the day. Age here doesn’t matter at all, as we adjust brand new babies that are hours old, to people well over 100 years old!  Obviously techniques will vary dramatically for the different ages, but age does not matter and size of patient doesn’t matter. As one of our old professors used to say, “If you have a spine and you are breathing, you need to get adjusted!”

Chiropractic care is great for pain, headaches, low back pain, sciatica, migraine headaches, sports injuries and more.  But let’s talk physiology and anatomy for a second.  Your spine surrounds and protects the nervous system.  When bones move out of alignment, they put pressure and irritate nerves.

This irritation becomes a physical stress and lowers function of that specific nerve and where ever that nerve might be traveling too including the organs.  So a irritated nerve could be bothering your stomach producing heartburn or bloating. It could be bothering the nerve that goes to the ears in your baby, which can contribute to an ear infection.  It could be a nerve in your neck going to your sinus’s producing sinus pressure and a stuffed up nose.  It could be the sciatic nerve in the lower back, producing back pain and sciatic pain down your leg, but also producing hemorrhoids and constipation.

The techniques offered at Patten Chiropractic are the same as some of the most well known chiropractors in the history of chiropractic.  We check leg-length, motion, and follow our trained protocols to find the disruptions and the exact source of pain you might be experiencing right now.  We don’t guess. When we adjust we know why we are doing it, and explain in GREAT detail what we are doing and how we will be getting you well.  We follow a system, and use an exact analysis to figure out how we are going to get you back to doing what you love to do everyday.

Along with our chiropractic histories, if we feel like we need some type of imaging done such as X-rays or a MRI, we will send you to either Meeker Memorial Hospital located in Litchfield, or Centers for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI) located in St. Cloud or Wilmar.

Custom Nutritional Work

Litchfield MN nutritionNo one body is the same or even presents the same way.  Nutritional work must be done custom to YOU.  For years you have probably been told or are even taking right now, a good multi-vitamin or mineral and an omega 3.

There is so much research now that shows most multivitamins on the market today are full of fillers and do more harm than good, especially if you buy them from Walmart or Target!  Even products from GNC aren’t the best to be taking.

Custom nutrition as we do it in our office is based on a great history and testing, plus a good physical exam pin-pointing the exact concerns you might have.  Both Dr. Chris and Dr. Mike have countless amount of post-graduate hours in nutrition, including an Internal Health Specialist degree from the Loomis Institute of Enzyme Therapy.

Other testing options will be coming soon to our office, so keep tabs on us as we are always striving for the best possible results.

The products we use are physician grade products that use the most strict guidelines for effectiveness.  We also use many different companies because we like the best from the best.

Urine Testing 

litchfield mn urine testWe utilize a 24 hour urinalysis (UA) that gives us so much information about how the internal YOU is performing.  How are you digesting and utilizing the food you eat?  This test will figure that out for you, and show exactly which group of food you are struggling with the most, fats, proteins, or carbohydrates.  With the inability to digest food and absorb it, how can you possibly make energy?  One big reason you might be so tired every day.

If you are experiencing any type of physical symptoms or you know you just aren’t feeling quite right, your nutrition is off.  These symptoms are the same symptoms that would bring you to your medical doctor, and typically the only treatment they have to offer are drugs that cover up and suppress those symptoms.  Do drugs work?  Yes they do almost every single time.  But drugs suppress symptoms and make your body worse over time.

Weight Loss

weight loss litchfield mnWe have used many different weight loss systems in our office over the last few years and have seen great results, but we can only eat like a rabbit for so long before salads become our worst enemy.  Can you relate?

At Patten Chiropractic Center Litchfield, we have implemented the #1 weight loss system in the country, voted in 2015.  Check out this link for more information on our Litchfield weight loss center, and see if it’s right for you.  But let’s talk physiology again:)

Our body has a great ability to store energy, but has a harder time burning up that stored energy.  Translate – it’s much easier to store fat than it is to burn it.  In order to lose weight, lower cholesterol, lower high blood pressure and reverse type II diabetes, you must learn one concept.  You must take sugar out of the diet and force your body to burn fat.

If sugar is present, fat isn’t converted to energy because the sugar is in your blood is easily used.  The Ideal Protein system is exactly that, it pushed your body into ketosis and turns your body into a fat burner. Pretty cool huh!

For a free 10 minute consultation to see if this program is for you, call 320-693-3612 and ask for either Dr. Chris, or Dr. Mike and they can walk you through this.

Body Composition

body-fat-percentagesWe have the ability to track the amount of fat you burn each week.  Body Fat percentage, muscle mass, BMI, and water weight are all tracked weekly.  This tool is easy to use and takes less than 1 minute to set up.

It also proves that you are burning fat and exactly how much each week.  A must need tool to help with your weight loss goals, and we give it away free of charge as you go through our weight loss program.

One of the most challenging times during a new weight loss program is the first couple of weeks for lots of reasons.  One of them is getting your body to switch from a sugar-burner into a fat-burner.  This conversion can take some people just days to convert, and others it might take a few weeks.  This tool shows when it really starts to take off, and usually correlates with feeling so much better.

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